Our regular fleet checks form the basis of our service work plans for our fleet customers, which help to ensure that they get the most out of their investment in tyres.

Our fully trained technicians can schedule to return to sight at a convenient time for you, or carry the work out at the time of inspection depending on your needs. There are a number of service work options which our fitters can use to rectify potential problems before they become serious, minimising potential costly downtime.

These options include:

  • Recutting

The majority of modern truck tyres are suitable to be recut once the tread depth reaches a certain level. During fleet checks our fitters will identify which tyres are suitable for recutting, and then carry out the process to manufacturer specification in order to add valuable millimetres to the tread giving you additional miles from your tyres.

  • Wheel Swapping

Tyre wear rates vary by axle, dependent upon the application of the vehicle. During regular fleet inspections our expert technicians are able to identify and swap tyres on both unit and trailer in order to ensure more even wear and longer tyre life. Our fitters will also look to identify and rectify any significant tread mismatches across drive axles which result in non uniform wear rates as one tyre takes a greater amount of the weight from the vehicle.

  • Turning On The Rim

Our trained technicians will also look for tyres which are wearing unevenly. When possible these tyres can be turned on the rim in order to level out the wear across the tyre in order to ensure that it does not wear prematurely on one shoulder. It is also possible to partially recut a tyre which wears unevenly, which is often then turned on the rim.

  • Fitting COP Tyres

City 1st have the ability to carry out major and minor grade repairs on your tyres. Where it is necessary to remove a tyre from site in order to carry out a repair we will store the tyre and refit it at a later date as opposed to fitting a new tyre.

For more information on any of our services please contact us for further information and to speak with a member of our team.

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